Creating places where people want to live



We dream of creating places where people want to live.


How would you describe that place?  Is it a state of mind as well as a place?  What are a few features that make a difference—to you, personally?


It takes modesty—we're working on that—but we try to imagine how people want to feel, and then we create places that feel that way. We'll be satisfied if the places we create are a little brighter, a little warmer, a little safer, and a little more practical than average—places that have a few features you can point to and say:

"That's really nice.  Someone cared when they put that there."

Our Team


April and Jaime Palencia are the managers of Sheerwater Properties. Between them, they have over thirty years of experience in architecture and design. April is a licensed architect with longstanding skills in project management and a special interest in building economical housing units. Jaime is our senior designer and project lead; it’s his aesthetic that drives our projects. 


At its core, Sheerwater Properties is a real estate development company. What makes it special to Jaime is its careful balance of creating thoughtfully designed places with fiscal responsibility. April appreciates the company’s pursuit of honest, contextual architecture that serves the community, tenants, investors and owners alike. “The company strives to nurture its employees professionally and personally,” she says. “We have good communication and we respect and trust one another.”


When the Palencias aren’t working, they’re very likely focusing on the challenges and joys of parenting their two young sons.  They enjoy taking the kids on nature outings to the foothills of their Santa Barbara home, or to the beach or a neighborhood pool. Jaime enjoys playing classical guitar and sketching; April keeps her friendships strong by meeting up with girlfriends for a quick lunch. They both enjoy travel, and especially enjoy taking trips to the architectural attractions they’ve read about.



2412 L Street, Sacramento, California


This "Delta" Queen Anne Victorian home, built in 1885, has been updated to modern standards while retaining its historical charm. Unique architectural elements are highlighted throughout the home, including stained glass windows, decorative trims, and hardwood floors. The house has five units: two 2-bedroom, one 1-bedroom, one studio, and a large 3-bedroom/3.5 bath home with office, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, and a double living room. A beautiful garden with prolific fruit trees graces the back. Three parking spaces are provided, with alley access.


This home is located in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, a neighborhood known for its creativity, culture, and cuisine.

817 21st Street, Sacramento, California


This two- story post-Victorian home, built in 1906, holds two 2-bedroom apartments. Each apartment has a modern kitchen, combination dining/living room, and outdoor living space. Step across the street to one of Sacramento's favorite coffee houses, the Old Soul at the Weatherstone. Hardwood floors and original architectural details bring warmth and livability to these charming homes.


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